October 15, 2020

AFSL Approved Solutions for Matrix Licensees.

By Shane Reid

The financial sector faces a number of pressing challenges. While the industry is looking to regain trust and comply with new regulations, the current global pandemic has impacted how financial advisors work and engage with clients. Luckily, technology offers opportunities to deal with these challenges, making it easier to comply with regulations, work with your clients and streamline business operations.

In a move to help more financial firms scale their operations for success, Umlaut has partnered with Matrix Planning Solutions to provide AFSL approved solutions for document and workflow management. This partnership means that all authorised representatives of Matrix can now access Umlaut’s range of document and data solutions without having to seek individual licensee approval, saving you time and money.

Helping financial firms succeed

Our mission at Umlaut is to help financial advisors grow by providing solutions to help you take control of your data. We know your time is better spent on advising clients rather than wading through time-consuming admin tasks. That’s why we’ve developed solutions to improve how you collect, manage, store and use your data.

AFSL approved solutions

Umlaut offers a range of AFSL approved solutions to help your financial operation grow, including AdvisorForms, Connect and Migrate. For authorised representatives of Matrix, this gives you access to:


Our e-form solution is easy to use and makes it simple to onboard new clients. AdvisorTools allows you to effortlessly record and sync client data with Xplan without time-consuming manual entry, transcription errors or having to chase digital signatures.


Our custom document management system easily and securely integrates your business and client files. Replace different platforms with a single secure solution, making it simple for your team to find information, work remotely and ensure ongoing compliance.


Free up space in your office and no longer worry about having to connect the dots between your digital and paper records. Handover your old paper records and hard drives and we’ll digitise them for you, match them to your Xplan client folders and flag any potential compliance issues.

Digital solutions delivering real benefits

True to our mission, Umlaut’s range of AFSL approved solutions delivers real benefits to authorised representatives of Matrix.

Simplify compliance

It’s easy to simplify your compliance requirements and streamline your operations with our custom tools. Digitise records, securely manage client data and identify issues straight from your desktop.

Reduce costs

Reduce manual entry and limit transcription errors by syncing client data with Xplan. Automate documents and workflows, review and edit documents and easily request client signatures, wherever you are.

Increase revenue

Access all your data from one primary portal to help you see the big picture and scale your firm for the future. Run custom reports to review your business operations, address issues and identify new business opportunities.

Unlock your potential

Take advantage of Umlaut’s partnership with Matrix to discover how our AFSL approved solutions can help unlock your potential. Book a free demo to find out more.

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Xplan Migration Guide

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