JANURARY 13, 2020

Umlaut partners with Jigsaw | Record digitisation with heart.

By Scott Brewster

Umlaut partners with Jigsaw to make digitising data easy

The recently introduced Code of Ethics means you need to digitise all your historical client paperwork, and then store it in an easily accessible way.

But digitising your old paperwork is a tedious, time-consuming process. It’s yet one more thing you need to do in a busy practice. So how can you get it done efficiently, and without having to dedicate an already-overstretched staff member to the task?

Umlaut's Migrate + Jigsaw can help you digitise your paperwork

Jigsaw is a social enterprise that provides innovative employment opportunities for people with disability. Recently, Umlaut partnered with their digitisation and document management business to scan and sort old paper records and integrate the data into a System of Record (SOR) using our Migrate solution.

We’re excited to partner with Jigsaw to offer a ‘digitising service with a difference’. It makes everything as quick and simple for you as possible while also supporting a great social initiative. This could be the perfect option if you’re struggling to digitise your old paperwork to comply with the new Code of Ethics.

Jigsaw: a new future for disability

Founded by Paul Brown and Laura O’Reilly, Jigsaw is a social enterprise that trains and transitions people with disability into employment through the targeted intervention of a work based training program.

Jigsaw believes people prepare best for work, through work. Through an industry leading document and data management business Jigsaw has created training and award wage employment opportunities for over 200 people with disability.

The service provides a range of jobs like document preparation, specialist scanning, data and document management, quality control, project and relationship management.

And that’s where Umlaut and Jigsaw saw an ideal opportunity for a partnership.

Jigsaw + Umlaut = a perfect fit

Umlaut’s mission is to empower businesses to unlock their potential through improved data management. And it’s equally important to us that people have the chance to unlock their own potential. Whether those people are our employees, our clients or our partners, we believe everyone should have that opportunity.

That’s why we value our partnership with Jigsaw. They help us to provide a valuable service to our clients while also providing meaningful work to people with disability.

“Our Migrate service relies on Jigsaw, and they don’t disappoint. They deliver an exceptional service in a timely manner.”

Scott Brewster, Umlaut CEO

How Jigsaw and Umlaut work together to make things easier for you.

Digitising your old records is a multi-step process that’s more complicated and time-consuming than it sounds, if you’re trying to do it by yourself. For example:

  1. Firstly, you need to prepare the documents for scanning, which may involve:
  • taking papers out of folders
  • removing all staples or paperclips
  • repairing any damaged documents.
  1. Then you need to scan all the documents.
  2. Finally, you need to sort all that scanned data and import it into your SOR.

But with Umlaut and Jigsaw, we do it all for you.

All you need to do is hand over your hardcopy papers (don’t worry about removing the staples or even taking them out of the box!), old harddrives and any other documents you have floating around.

After we have your records, we start by setting up Xplan as your SOR if you don’t already have it installed. Then we configure our scanning systems to map your scanned paperwork to the data fields in your SOR.

Next, we bring in specialist Jigsaw employees who work with us to digitise all of your hardcopy documents, using state-of-the-art equipment. Our scanners process documents fast - at over 100 pages per minute - and then map these to your SOR’s data fields. We’ll flag any issues for you, so you only need to get involved when necessary.

Get compliant and regain your office space

If you’re like many financial planners, you have a spare room filled to bursting with boxes of hardcopy documents from past years. So the new financial record-keeping obligations that require you to digitise and organise all those records into an SOR can feel overwhelming.

These requirements are part of the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) Code of Ethics. The eighth standard requires you to “ensure that your records of clients, including former clients, are kept in a form that is complete and accurate.”

Umlaut can help make that happen with our Migrate service. We take your overflowing archive boxes and make order from the chaos. Together with Jigsaw, we can:

  • digitise all of your hardcopy documents
  • sort and organise by client
  • match with your SOR
  • flag any anomalies for you to manually check and fix.

Simplify your FASEA compliance with Migrate

Digitising and organising your old records with Migrate integrates your data into one system for simple, centralised data management.

And consolidating your data via our Migrate service makes it easy to see what data you’re missing so you can fill in the gaps. Get on the right track for compliant data that’s easy to retrieve.

See how we can help.

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