OCTOBER 25, 2021

Using Xeppo In Your Firm.

By Shane Reid

How Xeppo is reforming the way finance firms work

If you work in the finance industry, chances are you’ve heard of Xeppo. This clever piece of software is not the new kid on the block anymore, but it is still influencing the way we, and our clients, do business. By restructuring the way we share, access, view and analyse data, Xeppo is catalysing the evolution of “client-centric” business models. This fresh approach integrates tools, software and encourages collaboration to take user-led business models to the next level.

Rethinking the “client-centric” approach


What does it mean to be “client-centric” in 2021? For many firms, client-centric means designing services based on client needs. And it means “collaborating” with clients in the delivery of those services (for example, via regular communication, feedback and agile project management). The idea being that the client’s involvement in service delivery improves their “customer experience” as well as the product (and therefore profits). The client-centric approach is increasingly popular and goes hand-in-hand with the rise of digital media, with phrases like “user-friendly” and “user experience” becoming synonymous with “customer experience”. These concepts employ processes and workflows that put the client at the centre of all business operations.

To visualise the client-centric approach, imagine the client at the centre of a star. Each point of the star represents a service or other significant business operation. In this analogy, all points of service run directly to the client, and the client has reciprocal access to each service. It’s a bilateral, collaborative relationship.

How is the Xeppo approach different?

Client-centric approaches are an increasingly popular (and successful) way of doing business, but the Xeppo approach goes a step further. Far from being a revolution of client-based systems, Xeppo software is actuating an evolution in the way we interact with our clients. If you can picture your client-centred star again, with service points running to and from the client, what Xeppo software does is connect those services to each other.

Where traditional user-conscious business models (if we can call them traditional) run operative lines from the supplier (financial planner, accountant, broker, etc.) to the client, Xeppo allows for a more holistic model. And I say holistic because, although the model has opened up new interactions between the client and the supplier, they’re much more than mutual lines of communication.

Rather, it’s a client-centric model that encourages the interaction of all business facets. Put simply, Xeppo changes the way we engage with our clients, our businesses and each other.

How does it do it?

Xeppo catalyses change in finance firms by reforming the way we share, access, view and analyse key data.

How? Xeppo allows you to engage with your entire business through a single, centralised, searchable platform. It connects, integrates and secures your data, then makes it all accessible via a user-friendly dashboard. You can view data from across even multidisciplinary firms at glance without having to send the client on a wild goose chase to garner information from other firms or departments.

The search function also gives you access to all of the data in Xeppo, which extends beyond your own input to that of the client, other departments within the firm and even data from external sources. Essentially, you have access to the total sum of your firm’s data in a single dashboard which is primarily organised (and analysed) in client profiles or client groups set by the user. If that’s not an evolution of client-centric, I don’t know what is.

And when a bird’s-eye view picture of your client data emerges, the ability to analyse and leverage it becomes as simple as the press of a button.


Xeppo capabilities


  • Client portal provides easy access to core data and contacts
  • Staff portal with a single, consolidated view of each client’s data
  • Admin portal lets you manage setup, access and maintenance


  • Access integrate data from external systems including XPLAN, MidWinter, CCUBE, APS, MYOB (AE, AO, AR, Essentials), Xero, MoneySoft, CommPay, WorkSorted, Revex, Connective, Class, BGL Simple Fund 360, Podium, AGL FlexIntegration engine continually collects information
  • Security capabilities protect data and ensure compliance
  • Cloud infrastructure


  • Match and group clients into logical business groups
  • View groups or clients ranked by value
  • Easily search for groups and individual clients
  • View key client data at a glance (e.g. debtors, jobs, fees history, rankings, opportunities, etc.)
  • View data from external systems (integrated with Xeppo Application Connectors)
  • View summaries of personal finances, financial planning, accounting, Cloud accounting, revenue systems, SMSF, finance broking, etc.
  • Drill down to the detail with data including insurances, loans, cashflow, accounts, shares, tax, assets and liabilities, investments, SMSF, revenue data, profit and loss, banking


  • See flagged opportunities as they arise
  • Use data to identify new opportunities and drive leads
  • Query your data using connected tools like Einsights
  • Analyse sales, operations and marketing
  • Create reports


  • Pursue new leads
  • Target high-potential opportunities with existing clients
  • Create targeted marketing lists
  • Connect marketing tools like MailChimp


At the same firm, an accountant and a broker can log in to Xeppo and access all of the information they need about a mutual client. A client can log in and immediately see the contact details of their accountant or broker

For the client, it means improved communication and more opportunities to collaborate in the exchange and maintenance of data. For the user, it delivers a total, holistic, client-centric perspective of the business’s data. For the business model, it’s not just client-centric, it’s client-integral. It’s the harmony of your data and your departments, of your crew and your clients.

That’s how Xeppo is reforming the way finance firms do business.

Is Xeppo right for your business?

Are you ready to harmonise your firm’s data? If you’re interested in learning more about what Xeppo can do for your business, get in touch with our systems and software specialists. They can help you find the best-fit data integration opportunities for your firm. You can book a free demo or call us on 1300 80 95 80.

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